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Coomber 3635 'Realtime' Audio Recorder

Coomber 3635 Graphite 'Realtime' Audio Recorder 4324677

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SKU 4324677
Name: Coomber 3635 'Realtime' Audio Recorder
Type: Generic
Price: €561 Ex VAT
The Coomber 3635 CD / Audio Recorder features a 'Real Time' Audio Recorder, allowing you to record direct to CD-R or CD-RW. You can also record onto a memory stick or the internal memory. The Coomber 3635 CD / Audio Recorder with Memory - Graphite Main Features Include: Record from a microphone Record direct to CD-R or CD-RW, memory stick or internal memory 3 hours of recording on to internal 3 GB flash memory One touch digital recording Instant playback Play MP3 files from USB memory stick or CD Class facing stereo speakers 6 headphone sockets Cue and review while listening Play conventional audio CDs Automatic or manual level recording